Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photo contest & just stuff

Well I didn't win anything in the photo contest. That's alright. It gave me an idea of what photos people liked most.

I scanned the winning photos in at work and e-mailed them to myself, but I cannot save them to my computer to show you what photos won. Anyway I liked two of the photos that won, but not the other three.

My friends from Lancaster came down last weekend. We couldn't ask for better weather. For four days we played tourist. It was a lot of fun.
It is a beautiful day today. The temperatures are cool. There's a nice breeze. And the sun is shining.
Went food shopping this morning. On the way to the store, I noticed my engine light on. Don't know how long it has been on, but I guess I'm calling the mechanic tomorrow.
My neighbor has decorated for Halloween. It's to early for me to decorate yet. I wait until October for that. Bought some mums this morning though. Nice fall colors. Cleaned up some of the dead flowers and trimmed back some bushes.
Yesterday my toilet started to blub when the washer was draining. Means the sewer line is starting to get blocked. Being the cheap person I am, and not wanting to pay the weekend prices, I decided not to called until Monday. Hey I can still take a shower and flush the toilet, so I'm happy.
Well today I figured I would try snaking the shower. Maybe my hair is the culprit. Ran the snake and pulled out a clump of hair. My friend had told me once, that if I pulled out a lot of hair the first time, to try it again. So I did. I went way further this time. When I went to pull the snake out, it wouldn't budge. WTF!! Am I now going to have to call a plumber? Pay Sunday prices? (I did mention I was cheap. Yes?) Well I grabbed hold of the line and gave it a good yank. Yes. It came out. Deciding I had enough for one day. And not wanted to break anything else, I started putting the tub back together. I noticed red on the side of the tub. Looking at my hands I noticed that I took a nice size chuck from my finger when I yanked the snake line out. Oh well. Nothing a band-aid won't fix.
Not only was there a nice clump of hair. There was also what looks like roots. Don't know what the roots are from. I don't think that grass roots grow that deep. Maybe I'm wrong.
I don't know if this solved the problem. I know that I flushed the toilet and everything was fine. I guess I'll know when I do another load of laundry.
On such a beautiful day as today, here is how two of my furry babies decided to spend their day.

It's so exhausting being my cat.
(I love how he has his back paw curled under)

My Baby girl

'Mama's bed is sooo comfy.'

'Hi mama'

'Stretching is good for the body.
You should try it sometime.'