Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years ago today

started as a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky with cool temperatures.

Then tragedy struck us all in the way of terrorists that would change our lives.

We were all glued and gathered around the tv and radio watching and listening in horror. Asking how this could be happening.

This went on for days-weeks after. We watched the horror, terror and sadness of faces that appeared on the television. We cried, prayed, proudly flew our American flags vowing to never forget.

And forget we have not.

And as I watched the news this morning, I saw the same horrific images. Felt the same feelings of sadness, terror and helplessness. Cried tears like I did that day ten years ago.

Through my tears, I couldn't help but wonder. Why are we reliving this over and over again? Is it not better to give the families closure? To give us closure? Instead of showing the planes flying into the towers, the collapsing of the towers, people running in fear covered in dust and dirt. Should we not look at what good has come from this tragedy? There were several stories on the news this morning about the memorials, reflecting ponds and scholarship that have been set up in memory of a loved one. A couple people interviewed that received one of the scholarships that has changed their life.

I fly my American flag proudly today. I think of that day ten years ago. Think about how our lives changed forever that day. I think about all the men and women who lost their lives that day. I think about the men and women in uniform who continue to lose their lives for us because of that day ten years ago today.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Had to rush Ralphy to the vet this morning. He hadn't eaten anything since Thursday night. Last night he was very lethargic. My old gal woke me this morning around four. She really has no sense of time anymore. I just lay in bed for awhile. I heard someone gagging and jump out of bed to find out who. It was Ralphy. He threw up pinkish bile. I called and left a message with the vet and said I have to bring him in as soon as possible.

Before the vet called back, he didn't seem as lethargic, but he would not eat. He was interested, but wouldn't even try.

So the vet calls and I go speeding up the parkway. They examine him and took blood. The vet said that he didn't feel anything in his stomach area that would give him concern. He also said that he wasn't in any discomfort when doing the examine. He thinks that because he is an indoor/outdoor cat, he picked up a bug and gave him a shot of antibiotic and gave me pills to give him.

When we get home, he runs out of the carrier - straight for the food bowl and finished what food was left in there. He hasn't eaten anything since. I have tried treats, milk, cheese, his favorite- pepperoni. I have three bowls of food down hoping one would interest him. I finally tried laughing cow cheese and he ate some of that.

I'm hoping that his stomach is still upset and this is why he's not eating. Other then not eating, he's not totally back to normal but better then yesterday. He seems tired, but his eyes have life in them and he wants me to pet him and he is talking. Not as much as normal, but I hadn't heard his friendly mews in two days.

I keep asking the angels to get my handsome boy better soon.