Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photo Contest

My co-worker told me yesterday that our local paper was having a photo contest. I went to the site and ended up entering six pictures.

So I was wondering if you all could vote. (Preferably for me, lol). But if not, that's okay.

Here's the link. I have four photos in the 'travel' category. And two in the 'animals/pet' category. My photos are listed 'Lisa S.'

I haven't voted yet, but I understand that you can vote for one picture in each category, per e-mail address.

So if you can, click the link above and vote, (for me-me-me and tell your friends.)


Friday, July 24, 2009

And yet more swallows & yellow roses

These little ones are from the second nest.

Not a very good picture, but if you click to enlarge,
you'll see another little head on the right side.

This is the garden in front of my work. The garden club works hard to make this a beautiful garden that is frequented by many butterflies.

In my previous post, I said that it was my friend Margie's birthday and her grandson gave her yellow roses. Well here they are.

Aren't they pretty?

More swallows

Yesterday morning the little ones were back. Not in the nest, but on the ledge. So with nervous parents swooping me, I managed this photo.

The picture was taken with my HP camera. I don't carry my Olympus camera with me. That's why the picture is kinda grainy. I am taking my Olympus back to work with me today. Even though I haven't seen these two today, there is another nest with three little ones. Hopefully I can get a good picture of them.

Today is also my friend Margie's birthday. Her grandson gave her mini yellow roses. They are beautiful. I'm hoping to get some pictures of those. If they turn out, I'll post them.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Been lucky at work this year to have several pairs of swallows. Along with several nest and babies.

This isn't a very good picture, but here are two babies ready to take flight.

They were hanging out like this when I went in this morning. I am glad I took their picture. Later this afternoon, they have left the nest.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Dentist

My dentist appointment was today. And yes, I enjoyed it. And a BIG YUP I am a weirdo.

Been through a lot with this month. Teeth pulled for braces. Braces for more than two years. Braces removed the day I graduated eighth grade and a mouth sore that I couldn't eat graduation dinner. Wisdom teeth pulled because I didn't have enough room in my mouth for all those teeth. Hard to believe with the big mouth I have it being too small. So anyway, a trip to the dentist is a walk in the park.

This past November my dentist past away at a very young age. This through the entire office into a turmoil. They brought temps in to keep the office open. To me it's the hygienists that makes or break your practice. The hygienist that was there left me bloody and sore. It was like she was digging for gold. The last time I was there, she even stabbed my lip. I made the next six month appointment, but was seriously considering changing offices. My appointment was supposed to be yesterday, but they had to reschedule and the hygienist was the one from my previous dentist.

When talking with Chris today, a lot of people were complaining about the other one. Turns out a lot of people left because of her. Now that word is spreading that Chris is back and the other is gone, people are slowing making their way back. Not only that, but a dentist purchased the practice. She is very nice and I wish her the best.

When I was scheduling my next appointment, a woman came in wanting to know details about the new dentist. It was comical listening to her. The receptionist said a letter was sent out to all patients about the new dentist. The lady did not get this letter. Nor did I. They handed the lady and me the letter. I told them that I didn't need the letter, I was very happy and satisfied. Turning to the lady telling her she would be too. Give her a chance.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Strange phone call, work stories and dentist

Last night close to 9:, my phone rang. I looked at caller ID (great invention) and it came up unknown caller. I don't answer when it has unknown caller or unavailable. I hear a guy say 'hello' on the answering machine. I didn't recognize his voice. Later I was getting ready for bed (9:20. Yes I go to bed early) and the phone rang again. Caller ID again said unknown caller. Figuring it was someone I knew calling after nine, I answered. I was greeted with a man asking to speak to the youngest voter in the household between the ages of 18-59. I asked him if he was kidding me. Nope. He was not kidding me. He repeated the request. I asked him if he knew that it was 9:20 P.M. He said oh and then asked to speak to the youngest male voter in the household of Hispanic, black or another ethnic background that I don't remember now. Needless to say at this point I am very pissed off and the cuss words started to fly. He asked me if anyone in my household fit this group? I said my cat is gray and black and she's about twenty years old. Want to talk to her? He hung up. I was telling my friend at work. She gets very nervous with this stuff because she lives alone too and thought maybe it was someone trying to figure out how many lived in my household. Me, I don't even think about this stuff. So has anyone in blogger land had this experience? Any idea's what the deal with this was?

Okay now a couple of work stories. I had a call from a realtor asking for information. She had a listing and wanted to know if her client's purchased the property and torn the house down would catheter be needed? I asked her to repeat the question. She did. I told her I didn't know if catheter would be needed, but you may need CAFRA (Coastal Area Facility Review Act.) She was not amused. However, I was.

A nice gentleman was in my office yesterday. He told me his name was Mark 'M' and asked if I knew his dad. I told him there were a lot of 'M's' that lived in the Township. And as a matter of fact, our manager is an 'M'. He said he knew because it was his aunt. Oh. Well then. I told him that I have worked with her for 15 years and have never met her husband and asked him what he looked like. He said he looks like me, but older. I said, well he must be a handsome man then. He said, 'I like to think so.'

Had to rescheduled my dentist appointment, so I called this morning. I recognized the voice as being Chris, the hygienist that used to work there a while ago. She is back working there. I asked her if she would be cleaning my teeth. To my great relief, she is. You see, the past couple of times I have been, I end up bloody and stabbed. Yes stabbed. My last appointment, the girl stabbed my lip. I am usually the last appointment of the day and I figured the girl was in a rush to leave. So anyway, I made sure Chris was definitely cleaning my teeth this time and she is. Had to ask if the girl still worked there. Turns out she doesn't. Apparently a lot of people complained about her being so rough, (not me), and they let her go. So anyway, Tuesday's the day. I really don't mind going to the dentist. The strange person I am, I find it relaxing. As long as I'm not be stabbed in the gums and lips.

So I hope everything is well with everyone.