Sunday, January 31, 2010

The day after the snow

Was quite cold this morning, but at least there was a pretty sunrise.

Last night, while out have a cigarette, the friendly neighborhood possum decided to come out. It was funny to watch her through the snow. It looked like she was doggie paddling.

This is the path that she created.

This is our coating to two inches of snow.

The news this morning said we got 9.5 inches of snow.
Well hot damn, I think they got one right.
The birds came out to raid the feeders. With this much snow, they need us to help keep them fed.
This pretty girl must love the camera.

Nice pose.

Looking around at all the white shit, I saw this pretty reflection.

The back deck offered these paw prints.

And this is probably the creature that made them.

Took a ride to the convenience store this morning. Found the roads snow covered and a bit slippery.
Later in the morning, I got bored and decided to go to the food market. The temperatures have gone up and some sections of the roads have melted. A lot of sections have not. Several people spun wheels and fish tailed.
I've had my adventure for the day. Time to stay in and relax.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here we go any with the snow

All week they have talked about snow. First it was eight inches. Then a coating to one inch starting last Saturday afternoon.

Let me tell you the best profession. Meteorology. Doesn't matter if your right or wrong, you still get paid.

They were wrong AGAIN. It started snowing around 9:30 this morning. And it's still snowing.

My day consisted of laundry, dusting, cleaning out and organizing the kitchen cabinets. I'm still not done the kitchen, but getting there. Next vacuuming and shoveling. At least the snow is light and fluffy.

Decided to take a walk. Stopped at Bobbie's to give her some stuff. Started around the block. This was the view of our main road. Isn't that pink building hideous?

A neighbors mailbox.

My friend's holly tree.

Then wouldn't you know my batteries died and I didn't have replacements with me. So I walked home to drop off the camera and continue on my walk.
A couple of cars passed and seemed to be having some traction problems.
With numb hands and toes, time to go home for some hot chocolate. Replace the batteries and go out back to see if any birds were visiting the feeders.
I believe this is a dark-eyed junco.

While I was loading my pictures I looked out the window and saw my neighbor shoveling the lawn.

This is what happens when you have a little dog.

They are expecting it to snow until at least 4 in the morning.
I hate snow. I think this is the third of fourth time this winter that it has snowed. It never snows this often.
Well never say never.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This morning I went out to feed the kittens. Ralphy greeted me with a very high pitched meow and seemed skittish. Yipper wasn't around. I really don't worry as much about Yipper as I do Ralphy. Even though Ralphy is way bigger then Yip, Yip has attitude and can take care of herself.

Anyway, I called for her, but she didn't show. Ralphy was still skittish and kept looking around. It's still dark, but I went to the top of the step to look around. Mind you I don't have my contacts in or my glasses on, but along side of the house, I could make something out. I went in for the flashlight. Shining the flashlight and squinting I saw the biggest raccoon I have ever since. No wonder Ralphy was so skittish.

Instead of running inside for the camera, I grabbed a scrub brush that hadn't yet made it back to where it should be, and tossed it at the coon. He/she didn't even look. So there I stood between this big ass raccoon and my Ralphy. Several minutes later, he/she waddled off into the back yard.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend review & pound cake recipe

Friday evening brought on a headache.

Saturday, woke up with a headache, but wanting to keep with my New Years goal, started with the bedroom.

I got all the drawers cleaned out and organized before tackling the closet.

I had stored my old TV in the closet. You never know when this may come in handy, but decided it was time to get rid of it.

Our trash guys will take a lot of things that we put out, but they won't take TV's. So I just packed up the car and head for our dump.

By now, my head is pounding, but I was on a mission.

The guy in the booth was very nice and told me where the TV was to go. After getting rid of trash and recycle, I headed over to the dumpster he told me.

There was another guy there who appeared to be organizing the dumpster. I only saw computer monitors and asked him if this was the place for TV's. He mumbled something that I could not hear and asked him to repeat himself. The asshole practically yelled at me. Telling it was and that he would get it. Pissing me off, I told him that I could handle the TV on my own. And that I didn't want him to hurt himself. Let alone do the job that he was getting paid for. Anyway, he ended up getting the TV and literally throwing in the dumpster. I told him he was an arrogate SOB and left. I can only imagine what he was calling me.

Anyway, when I was cleaning out the closet, I came across my pictures from my Maine trip in 2003.

I scanned them in the computer and added some of my favorites.

Now remember the quality isn't all that great. These were pre-digital.

My favorite spot.
Perkin's Cove.
Marginal Way at Perkin's Cove.

Nubble Lighthouse

Portland Head Lighthouse

Portland Coastline
If you would like to see the other photos from this trip, visit my flickr site.
We went on a bus trip. I must say that this was one of the best trips I have been on.
By evening though, my head had enough. This was one of the worst migraines that I have had yet. My vision was blurry. My eyes hurt looking at the TV. Any light was painful. I had the sick to my stomach feeling. And no matter where or how I put my head, was painful.
Today is much better. Only a dull ache.
Went food shopping this morning. Our supermarket is having their can-can sale. Saved over $50.00.
The cashier I decided to go to today would not stop talking and was very sloooow. I was trying to figure out something to say where she would stop talking and just ring my purchase without hurting her feelings. What I really wanted to tell her was, 'shut up and scan my purchases so I can get out of here. I have a date with my Kitchen Aide to make a pound cake and a date with my couch.' I'm cranky today. I didn't say anything, but decided I would never go to her line again.
The pound cake is out of the oven and if I do say so myself, smells delicious.
This is a cake that gets better the longer it sits.
Anyway, here's the recipe.
Dump Pound Cake
1/2 lb. butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
4 eggs
2 cups flour
2 even tsp. baking powder
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla
In large mixing bowl or Kitchen Aide, put ingredients in order given. Mix for 20 minutes.
Put in greased and floured bundt or tube pan.
Place in oven and bake at 350 degrees for 55 to 60 minutes.
Cool in pan 10 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely on wire rack.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I went back to last years post to - 1 - get the photo above and 2 - see what I was thinking.

I had one resolution listed that I have kept for many years now and will continue with this resolution. 'Do unto others as others do unto me.'

This is the only resolution I make. There is no sense making others when I know I will not be able to keep them. So what I did last year was set goals for myself.

Lets review and see how well (ha-ha) I did:

1. I will try to read the books I have in my closet and not buy many new books. I fear this will be a hard goal to achieve because of my book addiction, but I am going to try my best. Amazingly enough, I have kept to this goal. Now I'm not saying that I didn't go out an buy new books, but I have put a dent in the number of books I have.

2. I will try to reduce the number of tarts, votive and jar candles. (Another addiction). This will probably be an easier goal to achieve. (Unless Yankee has a good sale or a new scent. Right now I love Autumn Wreath) Actually, this was a harder goal to achieve. Although I haven't bought many candles, I haven't been burning the ones that I have. I haven't put a dent in the candles that I have.

3. I will try to be more patient. Lately I find myself growing impatient with people and things. I think I have done good with this goal. I have been able to diffuse situations at work better. Made more friends. Accepting their quirks by being patient and I found they accept me for mine.

4. Keeping focused on one project. My brain has been so scattered of late. I start one thing, stop for no reason and start another. When I catch myself doing this, I stop that project and go back to the first telling myself to finish. So this year, I will focus to finish the first project before starting another. (I don't think I will be able to achieve this, but I will try.) I haven't been able to keep this goal. Oh I have tried, but failed. Will try to work on this again this year.

5. Working on taking better pictures. I am happy with how far I have come in my photography. Yes I have upgraded myself from picture taking to photography. This is a hobby that I have enjoyed this past year or so. It has been a great release and source of exercise. I will be looking into upgrading my current camera, an HP Photosmart R837, to something with more mega pixels and zoom. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This goal was easier to achieve, but there is still much more to learn. I still have my HP and carry it with all the time. But I have upgrade to an Olympus SP-565UZ. My walls in work are covered with my pictures. People will come in, look around and ask if I took these pictures. When they tell me they are very good, I get a high. This has also helped me to accept a compliment better.

6. Continuing with my weight loss. I keep ping-ponging between 20-25 pounds weight loss. Now with the holidays over, and most of the goodie's gone, I can concentrate on getting back to a normal healthy diet. And throw some exercise. My line dance class with be starting soon. Our local recreation center will be starting an 8 week yoga class I will try. I didn't do to good with this goal. I did continue my line dance. I tried the yoga and enjoyed it very much. But losing weight is a difficult battle. I will try again this year.

7. Just trying to be an all around good person. I will treat people the way I want to be treated, which I do already. I will think before I talk. I sometimes say something innocently, but after it is said, I realize from the expression or the silence that I have offended or hurt that person unintentionally. I would like to say that I will work on my temper, but that would be impossible. I have been a good person and treated people with respect. Okay sometime I digressed, but I tried. As far as the 'think before I talk', I failed miserably. I call it my foot in mouth disease. However, I have to say that this has worked well for me. I have unintentionally learned a lot about people this way because when the disease kicks in, the expression changes, and sometimes I have to say "bingo".

I think for this year, I will continue with the above goals and add a couple more.

8. To try and be a better cook. I have been watching the FoodNetwork a lot and trying some of the recipes. What I must do is start to experiment with different spices and add more foods to my diet. We'll see what happens.

9. To become more organized at home. Everything in my home has a place, but it doesn't always end up there. I will make a conscience effort to make sure everything finds its place. The closets will get cleaned out and organized and hopefully stay that way.

The first of the year, I change the batteries in my smoke detectors. So please don't forget to change the batteries in yours.

So as per the norm, I have gabbed way to much.

I hope that everyone has a safe, healthy and happy 2010.