Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I miss my friend

I lost my friend and second mom.

As many know, Bobbie (Barb) passed on Saturday. Bobbie has been my good friend for 16 years. My neighbor for about ten and second mom even before my own mom passed away several years ago.

I sit here hearing thunder in the distance and think of her. This is when I would be calling her, both of us wishing for a good storm.

On the rare occasion I see a humming bird, I think about her. Think about calling and asking if she had many visits today.

Today at work, I was out smoking and looked up at the swallows nests. Both nest have babies. I think, I have to call Barb and tell her about the babies. Tell her about how mom and dad swoop if I get too near the nest. How the little chirps from the nest brings a smile to my face.

I miss coming home from work and calling to see how she is doing. What she did today. Who's blog she visited and what they had to say. I miss when having a bad day, ranting to her. I miss that we are not going to be able to go exploring Beaver Dam. Leamings Run. The Point. The osprey nests.

Her daughter Kitty wrote a beautiful entry on Barb's blog. Please go over and read it. Some wrote comments about seeing butterflies and such.

Here's what happened to me.

Saturday I was weed whacking thinking about Barb and how surgery was going. I stopped as a dragonfly flew near. It landed on the fence right in front of me. We stared at one another for several minutes. It flew and came back to the same spot for only a couple seconded before it flew away. Was this a sign? I don't know, but I think it was.

I would rather my friend be here.

But I do hope the signs continue. Maybe a Bald Eagle :o)

I have nothing more to say right now. Maybe later. But for right now, I miss my friend.