Monday, April 23, 2012

Ralphy Update

A couple weeks ago, I had to rush Ralphy back to the emergency vet.  He was not going to the bathroom and very lethargic.

When the vet tried to squeeze his bladder to see if anything would come out, nothing did.  He said he bladder was the size of a tennis ball.  

He was blocked.  They kept him.  I cried all the way home.  

I called the next day to see how he was doing.  They said the procedure went well and if all went well, he would be able to come home the next day.

Called again the next day and he was doing really well and I could pick him up.   

We were very happy to come home.  We were very happy to be home.

Here he is resting.
They had to shave both legs for the IV's.

Resting and happy to be home.

We have made great progress since his been home.  His appetite is returning.  Having a hard time with the food.  Finally found a urinary canned food he likes.

The emergency vet called several days after we were home and he is crystal free.

The problem is still the devil cat that is terrorizing them.  I have tried everything I can think of in the trap, but it will not go in.

Both Ralphy & Yipper are afraid to be outside.  Ralphy will go out with me, but will not get down off the deck.

So please send good thoughts that Ralphy continues to get better.

And please send good thoughts that I trap devil cat and get him out the neighborhood and my fur-babies lives go back to happy and fear free. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012


It seems like whenever I post a blog, it has to do with my fur babies. This one is no exception.

For about a month now, I've been trying to get my Ralphy well. He was having problems peeing so I took him to the vet. They said he had a bladder infection and gave him a shot of antibiotics. They said that food plays a big role in causing these problems with male cats. So I also came home with special canned and dry food. I put the canned food down and both Ralphy & Yipper did the stinky face and literally ran from the food.

A week later, my friend took me and Ralphy to the emergency vet. They did a urine analysis test. Gave me pill antibiotics, muscle relaxers, pain meds and two different kinds of canned food. The vet also gave me information on this problem. Well that canned food went over about as good as the first one did. At least they both like the dry food.

The urine analysis showed high levels of crystals. They told me to really keep and eye on him. If I notice him not peeing, to rush him back. They said if crystals gets stuck, he could die within 24 hours. They told me to try and get him to drink more. This could help dissolve the crystals. When I told them he would not eat the special canned food, they told me to fed him his. That has a lot of water that could also help dissolve them.

Reading the paperwork they gave me indicated they have no idea why this happens to male cats. It touched on food causing the problem, but really stressed stress is a major factor. So now I tried to reduce his stress level.

Our little neighborhood has become a haven for male unfixed cats. Why? Because one inconsiderate neighbor has two female cats that are not fixed. As a matter of fact, her one cat just had another litter. One male cat in particular is a bully and fights with all the other cats. Including Yipper, but especially my Ralphy.

Well mama bears claws are out. She's pissed. She called the neighbor and told her to get her cats fixed. Told her she was irresponsible. Told her last year after the first litter we had a discussion about getting her cat fixed. There were programs that would help with the cost. Told her I called animal control and was going to trap these cats and if her cats end up in the trap, so be it.

So with my trap, I've trapped three opossums. Seems like we have a colony of them around here too. But I want the black and white bully. I want him bad. But I can't seem to trap him. Just this morning, he got into a fight with Yipper on my back deck. And this is where I had the trap set.

I do believe that stress is what is causing Ralphy's problems. He is terrified when he is out when it's dark. He comes in before dark and will not go out until it is bright outside. I've tried keeping him in, but he wants no part of that. And he shouldn't. When he's in and he doesn't want to be, I can see him becoming apprehensive.

So we are working on reducing his stress level. He is improving, but not 100%.

And my inconsiderate neighbor. I saw her bring a trap home yesterday. I can only hope that she actually sets, catches and get these cats that have taken up residence in her yard fixed. All the neighbors are getting tired of all these cats shitting and pissing in their yards. We are getting tired of the cats spraying our houses and cars.

Hopefully I can trap that nasty black and white cat that is terrorizing all the cats in the area.