Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm having a shitty day

Okay so we are back to rain. It seems like we get a couple days reprieve from the rain and then, bam, back to cloudy rainy weather. But this isn't why I am having a shitty day, but contributed to it.

Woke up this morning with a headache. Is it the weather. A migraine? Maybe both? With my migraine's, I tend to get them while asleep and then it just makes for a miserable day. No amount of Tylenol or coffee is going to help. But this isn't why I am having a shitty day, but contributed to it.

Went on the Internet this morning and things were really-really slow. Sometimes it would kick me off. I decided to read the paper and try again. Same thing. Called Bobbie to see if she was having problems. The static was unbelievable. Told her I would call back. Thinking maybe it was a bad connection. Called her back and the same. Cutting the call short, decided to water my plants. Bobbie called me to see if that would help. Much better. Really no static and she wasn't having Internet problems like I was having. We hung up and I decided to try the Internet again. No can do. Couldn't even get on-line. I have Verizon DSL and decided to check the modem. The Internet light was off. I decided to shut the modem off. Took a shower and went to make a phone call. Nothing-nada-zilch. No dial tone. Checked the other phones. Same. Check the land line. Same. Well then. Time to call Verizon. Got out my cell phone. If you guessed it was dead, you would be correct. Very seldom do I use my cell. I tend to turn it on if I am going out and then forget to turn it off. So out came the charger. But this isn't why I am having a shitty day, but contributed to it.

Went to the store and then Pet Smart. That made me feel a little bit better. There were two black labs telling one another off. Turned out they were brothers and hadn't seen each other in a week. They had a lot of catching up to do. This definitely isn't why I am having a shitty day.

Went to Wal-Mart. My friends daughter is having a baby and she is registered there. Asked the girls if the registry would print on the machine and they said it would. Went over and typed the information in. One out of the four pages printed. Page two got stuck in the machine. The one girl came over to unjam the machine and we tried again. I don't know what language printed, but it was unreadable. We tried several more times. I apologized to them. I told them it was me and explained what happened with my Internet and phone this morning. They said it wasn't me. The other lady's daughter was registered there so we tried that. Same thing. They said they didn't know what was going on. The machine would probably have to be re-booted. This would take a couple of hours. I told them I would be back tomorrow and apologized again to them. But this isn't why I am having a shitty day, but contributed to it.

Came home and tried the phone again. Still no good. Called Verizon and had the automated system. That checked the line and they reported, "the Verizon Network is working properly." Oh yeah. Well if it is working properly, why don't I have a phone. It asked if I checked the system from the outside. No. Well you cannot do this in the rain. Well it's pouring outside anyway. Then it said I needed a screw driver. Okay. Now I draw the line. Don't I pay Verizon to do this shit. I had to call twice before they would set up an appointment for a technician to come out. Guess when. Tuesday between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Are you fucking kidding me. I'll call tomorrow and see if I can't get a person. I turned the modem back on and guess what? I had Internet service. So I checked the phone. Still dead. I don't understand. It is the same phone number. Same line. How can I have Internet connection and no phone? I have unplugged the phones from the jack, waited awhile and plugged them back in. Still nothing. Even the line land didn't work. Now I am carrying my cell around attached to my hip. If I don't, I won't hear it ring. I have it set on the highest volume level, but still can't hear it unless I am right next to it.

So I ask you, What the hell is going on? I did get a new phone. A VTech 6.0 and hooked it up yesterday. I used it yesterday with no problem. I now have my old phone charging to see if that one will work. Any idea's about what could be going on? Any idea's why my Internet is now working, but my phones don't. I think Bobbie has sent her little gremlins down to my house to mess with me. If this is the case, I am sending them right back to you. I don't need them and I don't want them.

So it is the combination of all of the above why I am having a shitty day. I hope your day is going better.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just ramblings

Wednesday I went to Shoprite to get a centerpiece for my friend. I was going to her house for dessert Thanksgiving. Across the way was a gentleman and an older woman looking at the poinsettia's. A girl that works there was walking toward them with another centerpiece. The older woman asked the girl if she bought one poinsettia was is $1.99 like last year. The girl said, 'no. If you only buy one, it will cost $2.99.' Very indignantly the older woman says, 'What? $2.99?' The girl said yes and walked away. Let me just say that the girl was very friendly. The older woman started to stomp away. Slowed and yelled over her shoulder, "I hope they all die." If only the camera could have captured the look on my face and the gentleman's face. It would have been a look of shock. Disbelief. Speechless. The girls walks over to the gentleman and asked if she had something to say. He said yes and told her. She kinda yelled, 'and a Happy Thanksgiving to you too.' She said to us, 'people think we make up the prices. We just tell you what the prices are.' We started talking to her and then joking with her. Very nice girl. I picked the centerpiece I liked and as I was walking away, stopped and wished her a Happy Thanksgiving, thanked her for being so professional and to apologize for the woman's rude behavior. She told me to wait and came back with a beautiful ceramic pumpkin for my centerpiece. She said, 'I only give these to the special customers.' How sweet was this.

Thanksgiving Day was pretty uneventful. I finished the book I was reading. One down a couple hundred to go. My turkey turned out great. Ate like a pig and went to my friends. Her dad has a black lab, Midnight. He is such a sweetie. So is her dad. They were getting Midnight's dinner ready and put his bowl down. He stood and stared at them. When they said 'go for it boy', he wolfed it down. They said he will not eat his food unless you tell him he can. She said that once they forgot and he was standing there looking at them, pleading with them to tell him it was okay to eat. Another friend said she was going on the trolley ride the next night in Cape May to look at the houses that were decorated for Christmas. She said that a couple of years ago she was going to go, but ended up following the trolley. How we razed her about this. My friend was going shopping Friday and asked if I wanted to go. I thanked her, but declined. The reason. They leave and get to the mall at 9:00 AM. Not to bad. They get home around 1:00 AM. Very bad. I can't shop that long. Hell I can't shop at all. I am not a browser. I know what I want. Get it and leave.

I did just that yesterday. Michael's had a 25% coupon off the entire purchase. So I got brushes for ceramics. Bed, Bath and Beyond was handing out 20% off coupons when you entered, I got a new clothes hamper. I went to a couple other stores and then called it a day. All local stores I went to.

I was watching on TV how people were standing waiting for the doors to open at the malls. How it was like a stampede entering the store when the doors opened. The guy who was kill during one of the stampedes. And the people hurt, including a pregnant woman who tried to help the guy. What could you possibly want or need to act like this? Two people who shot one another at a Toys R Us, I believe in California. Just another reason why there should be tighter policies on guns. Maybe it's because I don't like to shop, but I just don't understand the Black Friday frenzy.

So anyway, I'll get off that topic.

So how was everyones Thanksgiving? What are your traditions for Thanksgiving? Inquiring minds want to know.

Well that's enough rambling for now. My house work is done. The last load of laundry is in the dryer and I am debating with myself to put up some Christmas decorations or read. I'm thinking read, but you never know.

Well I don't know who won the debate, but I put up Christmas decorations. Every room got a little something. Even the aquarium. Bart the Betta isn't to happy about it. He'll get over it. If not, it will be fun to watch him spread his beautiful red tail and act all tough. I think now I'll read, before I start another debate with myself.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Award for my Friend

I really don't pass awards on and usually don't. I usually offer the award to everyone who visits and/or thinks someone would appreciate it.

I was visiting some blogs and came across an award that The Fishing Guy had received. He has a cool blog and wonderful pictures. Please visit him. I think you'll enjoy his blog. As soon as I saw the award, I thought of my friend Bobbie . One reason, she loves butterflies. The other, she has a cool blog.

Bobbie and I have been friends for quite awhile now. I met her when I started working at the Township. She taught me everything I know. I used to tell her that the house up the street from me would be perfect for her daughter Rita. Instead Bobbie moved in. It has been great. I call her just about everyday to seen how things are going and to rant if I had a bad day at work. Which happens quite a lot with the back stabbing idiots I work with. She has gotten me even more interested in birds, flowers and nature. The biggest thing she got me interested in is photography. When she talks about her pictures, there was something in her voice. Joy, happiness, contentment. To try and understand, I bought a digital camera. I now understand and thank her for this. We have gone on many outings together with cameras in hand. It is a lot of fun to be in the company of this wonderful lady. It is also a lot of fun to see what she took pictures of. She is a great photographer.

So with all this said and much more that I could say, I am awarding the "Butterfly Award 'For the coolest blog I ever know'" to my very good friend Bobbie.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow. Or should I say slush

In my previous post I said how much I love this weather. Even the occasional snow. Well I think either my dad, mom or brother, or maybe all of them, may be having a bit of fun. Yesterday morning we had some snow showers. Very pretty. Didn't coat the ground. My kind of snow. Last night I was watching the weather channel and they were calling for some freezing rain and snow. A slushy accumulation of less than a 1/2 inch. This is why I don't like snow. We rarely get what I call real snow. You know the light fluffy stuff. We get the heavy wet snow that is a bitch to shovel and get off the car. When I went out this morning, it had started to snow. The heavy wet shit.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm loving this weather

I love cold weather. I love the crispness in the air. I love going outside and breathing in the freshness in the air. I love how the sky seems even bluer. I love snuggling under the covers. I love that my cat will snuggle with me. That she will wake me in the middle of the night to cuddle and to warm her little body. I love the smell of line dried clothes. I even love the occasional, and I mean every once in a great while, snow. I do wish that we could have a white Christmas. Just once though. Oh okay. Maybe twice. Oh my love list could go on and on, but I think you get my point.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weigh in Day, sunshine & politics

Well we are not talking about weigh in today. Oh yes, I weighed myself and I really think the scale is broken. There is no way that someone could gain that much in seven days. I have a scale in work that I will weigh myself on tomorrow.

The sun is shining in Cape May County today. Oh happy days. We haven't seen the sun shining since Monday. After I am done here, I am spending as much time as possible outside.


So this morning while watching the news, they said that gun sales were up before President-Elect Obama was sworn in. They fear that he will not allow them to purchase guns.

We have the right to Bear Arms. I am not against this right. But here is my problem. People are not purchasing normal guns. Not that there is a such thing. But they are purchasing semi-automatics, fully-automatics and assault rifles. Why? One gentleman said, "I must protect my family." If you must have one of these high-powered guns to protect your family, something is wrong. Maybe you take a look at your life.

If when President-Elect Obama is sworn in and he addresses the type of fire power that one can purchase and one cannot purchase, I say good for him. I feel that this should be regulated. There are already too many killings from shootings.

Onto another thing that has been bothering me. Politics in general. We have republicans, democrats, independents, conservatives, etc. All are fighting against each other.

I had made a comment to my boss once that maybe we would be better off not having government. He said we need government. He is right of course. So now here is what I am thinking. I am probably wrong. When it comes to any type of political aspect, I usually am. But here I go anyway.

Politicians are our problem. We hear that the republicans have the majority or the democrats have the majority. Why should it be about that? Why, because it is all about power. Who has it and who doesn't. Well it should not be about power. It should be about working together no matter what your political affiliation. It should be about working for the people and in the best interest of the people. If we don't learn to work together soon, well.

I think people vote for Barack Obama because he gives us hope. Hope for change. Hope that people can work together. Hope for a better America.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Working with the public

In previous posts I have said that I work in the municipality in which I live. Working with the public has been funny, interesting and frustrating. I have made many friends and enemies. Well not enemies in the worst way. These are people who want to do something with their land and I sometimes have to tell them that they cannot without board approval. They get pissed and yell at me. For the most part, I can understand, but hey I just tell you what the rules are. Some people I can calm down. Others not so much. They then make it personal. When this happens, all bets are off. I am a person first. Township employee second.

So with that said, I thought I would share a couple of stories with you.

I took a call from a woman who said she just moved into the Township. She had previously lived on Yacht Avenue. 'And you know when you think of Yacht Avenue, you think of beautiful boats.' She moved to the corner of Shore Drive and Hollywood Avenue. She had a Hollywood Avenue address and wanted to change it to a Shore Road address. 'You know when you think of Shore Drive, you think of the beautiful shore, beaches and ocean. When you think about Hollywood Avenue, you don't think of a beautiful Holly tree. You think of the ugly dirty Hollywood in California.' Uh-huh. Well then. 'Well I can't change anyone's address. You will have to contact the assessor's for the address change.'

Another time I had a guy come in, (I did not like him at all). He lives behind a self-storage facility. He wanted to put up an above ground pool. So I told him what the setbacks were. He then told me he wanted to put the pool on the self-storage property. I told him he couldn't put anything on someones elses property. The argument ensued. The more belligerent he got. The more belligerent I got. Oh. Did I forget to say he had his young son with him. I could feel myself ready to explode, so I went to get my boss. I told my boss that if he didn't come deal with this guy, I was going to fucking deck him. My boss came up and the same with him. The guy started to cuss. My boss said, 'Ah. Nice you talk like that in front of your son." This got the guy and he walked out. He never came back.

This is one of my favorites. A guy called and I answered the phone like always. "Good afternoon. Lower Township Planning & Zoning. Can I help you?" He said, 'I was wondering if it had been windy here.' Me, 'excuse me?' Him, 'has it been windy here?' Me, 'why do you ask?' Him, 'well I have been away and when I came home my driveway gate was wide open.' Me, 'and you thought to call Planning & Zoning to find out if it was windy?' He snickered and said yes. Well now I laughed. I told him that it had been windy. Winder then it has been in awhile. We chatted awhile and hung up.

These are the calls that I like best.

Now for yesterday. My boss was at an all day seminar, so I was in the office myself and went to lunch my normal time.

In the afternoon the phone rang. I answered with my norm spiel. This woman said that she was in the office to look at an application that was to be before planning board and I was at lunch. I said yes. She said that no one in the office could help her. Okay. Well what application was it you were in to see. She tells me and then proceeded to piss me off. She said 'well the notice says to come in during normal business hours. I came in during normal business hours and no one could help me. I guess you are entitled to go to lunch, but still.' I say, 'yes. I am entitled to go to lunch. This is a two person office and my boss is at a seminar. So for one hour this day, the office has no one.' She said, 'well what time do you go for lunch?' Normally 11:30 to 12:30, but sometimes I don't get out of here at that time. Her, 'well why not.' Me, 'well if I am helping someone at that time, I am not going to tell them they must go away because I have to go to lunch.' She asked what our hours were. I told her I would be in the office until 4:30 today. She said, 'well I am not coming now. I was there already and you weren't there.' Me, "well we've been through that already haven't we. Drop it. That's old new. In the past. Get my drift. I will be in the office at 7:30 Monday morning.' She said 'I won't be coming in there at that time.' Me, 'whatever. I leave at 3:30 and someone will be here until 4:30.' Her, 'well will you be going to lunch at 11:30.' Depends. If a customer is here or if I am on the phone. No.' She went back to the notice she received. She said, 'there is nothing on this notice that says when people go to lunch.' I said, 'are you saying that the notice should have the times we go to lunch. When we won't be in the office. When we have to go to a seminar. And when we are on vacation.' She actually said yes. I said, 'Now how are the people sending out the notice supposed to no when my boss and myself are not here?' Her, 'they should ask you.' Me, ' you have to be kidding. How stupid is that. Do you hear what you are saying? I have a better idea. Why don't YOU call before you come to make sure someone is in the office.' She didn't like this idea. Well to bad.

So sometimes, one must deal with people like this lady. And I have a hard time with people like this. For the most part, people are friendly and you can have fun with them. But there is the odd one.

Just a follow-up on my previous post "CR-V vs. bollard. I checked my car this morning. There is a small dent that you really can't see.

Friday, November 7, 2008

CR-V vs. bollard

I was backing up into a parking space and knew there was a concrete bollard, but it was below my rear view window. Guess what happened?

CR-V - 0. Concrete bollard - 1.

I know there is a dent, but don't know how bad. I'll check tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The people have spoken

This is the first time that I really got into an election. Maybe I am a bad American, but other elections just didn't seem as important as this one to me.

For me, it was all about change. We couldn't keep going the way we were going. We couldn't afford to keep going the way we were going. Both on a federal and local level. I am tired of the spending, good old boy club and many other reasons.

I am happy to say that everyone I voted for WON.

I think this election should be a wake-up call to the powers that be. The message, "We are not going to take it anyone."

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Award and weigh in day

Gretchen of Gretchen's Travel gave me this award. I love the meaning behind this. I have met many people that I consider friends through blogging. We become close through our words and pictures. Sharing the fun and heartaches. Our friends and family. Our good and bad moods.

So here is what this awards means:

To translate the gift from Portuguese to English, it means: "This blog invests and believes, the proximity" [meaning, that blogging makes us "close" - being close through proxy]. "They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut or that they propagate?"

I generally rebel when it comes to the rules of passing onto others. But not this one. So today I am going to pass this along to.....

1. Bobbie - Almost There

2. Dianne - Forks Off The Moment

3. Mme - Mme Benaut Occasional Blog

4. Kay - Musings

5. Kelly - America As Seen By Kelly

6. Michele - Rocky Mountain Retreat

This list by no means are the only people I would like to pass this award onto. I offer this award to everyone who visits.

Thank you again Gretchen.


Who would have thought that with me on vacation this past week, making a couple pumpkin cakes (and par-taking in some. Okay a lot of slices), pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, breakfast sandwiches and left over treat-or-treat candy. And I must not forget about last night. Last night I went to Cold Spring Village for their luminary walk. They open several of the buildings for tours. Each building offered something good to eat. The Welcome Center(c. 1894), cheese, pepperoni and crackers. Dennisville Inn(c. 1836), pulled pork sandwiches, potato chips and pickles. Spicer Leaming House(c.1800), chicken wings and celery sticks. And the Country Store (c.1722) desserts. That I wouldn't gain anything. Obviously I didn't lose anything, but woo-who I didn't gain anything either. Total weight loss still stands at 26 pounds.
Well, that's about it for now. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and the extra hour.