Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dog or cat person???

I just finished reading 'Cleo' by Helen Brown. Great book. If you are a cat person, you should definitely read it.

Anyway the book got me to thinking about dog and/or cat person. Growing up, we always had dogs. My mom like small ones. We had poodles and a biscon. But I was always an animal lover.

Dad had a gas station and a guy came in with a kitten and asked him if he knew anyone that would want him. The guy who lived next to dads station had recently lost his cat and dad thought he would want him. When Mr. Hand came home, dad went over with the kitten. Mr. Hand said to dad, 'I don't want anymore god damn cats.' With that dad called mom asking if I would want a kitten. She promptly said, 'no.' When I came home from school, there sat dad with a shitty grin on his face. Mom with a pissed off look. I set my books down on the couch and something on the other end moved. It was love at first sight.

Tigger became my best friend. He was a big orange cat, but the most gentle cat there was. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I was in a lot of pain. I laid in bed and Tigger got up on the bed without me feeling him and laid down beside me with his head on my pillow. He put his paw in my hand kneading and purring away.

Then came Fluff. He wandered into the station and became dads friend. Dad accidentally ran over him. Rushed him to the vet and surprisingly was fine. Dad fearing something else would happen to Fluff brought him home. Fluff didn't like the dog. Fluff didn't like Tigger. Fluff had claws. Tigger didn't. So Fluff went to the vet to be declawed. The vet told us with Tigger and Fluff being males, the would fight for dominance. There was a lot of growling and hissing. They must have had it out one time when we weren't home. Tigger was king and him and Fluff became the best of friends.

Then came Spuds. We found her in the pool as just a tiny bit of a thing. Her mama wasn't around so we took her in and nursed her back to health. What a nasty thing she was. We swore she had brain damage from her near drowning. It would take her time to focus in on anything. It was funny to watch. Her head would go up and down and side to side.

All during this, mom never became a cat person and there was always a dog in the mix.

When I moved next door, I wanted a dog. A big dog. Went to the ASPA and got a dog. She was a beauty. I only had her a couple days when she became sick. Rushed her to the vet. She had parvo. She only lasted a couple of days. The vet told me not to get another dog for at least six months. That's how long the virus can live outside the body. I wasn't in a rush to get another dog, but mom called to say there was a black lab up for adoption. I called and went to see her. She ran around like a loon, jumped up and wrapped her paws around my waist, looked up at me with those chocolate brown eyes saying, 'well, why are we still here. Lets go home.' Of course I couldn't bring her home right then and there. They have to do a background check. She was delivered three days later on a snowy night.

I had a cat at this time. My friends daughter developed asthma and couldn't keep the cat. She called and asked if I would take her. This would be my old girl now.

I soon realized that my home was too small for me, the cat and a very big black lab. I was going to take her back when my phone rang. Mom on the other end said 'would you be mad if Danny and I took the dog.' Not at all. I packed up her bones, went next door and life couldn't have been happier for everyone.

Then four years ago, I found two kittens in the shed. Taming them was easy. Trying to find a home for them was not. I would walk up and down the pet aisle in the supermarket scoping people out. If I thought they were worthy, I would pull out the pictures and ask if they would like them. Everyone would ohh and ahh over them, but no one wanted them until one day. The lady said her daughter would love an orange cat. I got her name and number and told her I would call to make arrangements to drop him off. I was happy that I finally found a home for him, but sad because I had grew so attached to him. When I got home, he was no where to be found. He did not come home until later that night. The key word to that sentence is home. In the time he was gone, I realized they had found a home. Mine.

So my home is blessed with three fur-babies. They are pictured on my sidebar. My Baby Girls health is failing, but it has been for several years now. Everyday with her is a blessing. Yipper is well Yipper. She is a strange cat. Cold nights are spent inside. She has even managed to secure a place on the bed right up against my leg. Ralphy is just one of a kind. Well not really. I think there is something special with big orange male cats. He is more indoor then out. His place on the bed is on the pillow right next to my head.

So even though I love all animals, I am a cat person. I love their independence. Their constant smile. The loving look they give me. Their mews for attention. Of course this is all on their terms and I couldn't be happier.