Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weigh in day, Hereford Inlet & Award

Hello! It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sun is shining, it is quiet while writing this and I lost two more pounds. After the disappointment the past couple of weeks, it is a beautiful day. Hopefully I'm back on track. Total weight loss 24 pounds.


I have a lot of vacation and personal time that I must use by the end of the year or lose it. Well I am not about to let them take it away, so I checked the forecast on the Internet and decided Wednesday was a perfect day to take off. I had called Bobbie and asked if she would like to join me for a visit to Hereford Inlet. Hurray! She said yes.

Our first stop was along North Wildwood Blvd. where earlier in the season we took pictures of a couple of osprey nest and babies. We knew that there wouldn't be any babies, but maybe some adult. And yes there were.

I took many more then just this one, but this one turned out best. When I tried to get a little closer, she/he flew away.

Onward to Hereford Inlet we went. When I parked, Bobbie was so excited with all the butterflies. You can see her on the right with camera positioned for the shot.

(The shade garden)

(Monarch Butterfly, I think)

(I don't know what this one is)

It was a very nice day. Sun shining, cool temperatures and good company. All in all one of my best days off. I had asked Bobbie if she would like to go to the Nature Center in Goshen, but she was tiring, so we will save that for another day. I was going to go myself, but I changed my mind and went to the Nature Center by Lily Lake.


Kay of Musings gave me a SuperCommenter Award. Ah Shucks. I am flattered.

There are rules attached to this award, (pass the award onto seven people), but I think I am going to break that rule. Sorry Kay. I always feel bad only giving an award to so many people because I feel everyone deserves an award. So I welcome anyone who visits and see this award or any award on my sidebar, to please feel free to take it and pass it onto to someone you think is deserving or to just make their day.


Today would have been my dad's 77th birthday. He has been gone now for 16 years. I cannot tell you how much I miss him. So to my Dad "Happy Birthday. I love you."


Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day weekend. Until next time, have fun.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Camera Critters

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of camera critters.

I like to take walks at the State Park in Cape May Point, New Jersey. This park has walking and hiking trails. Honestly I get bored if it is the same thing every time I go. Well last week, I was walking along on the of path. When I came around the bend, I said to myself, "Huh, wonder when they decided to put lawn ornaments along the path." So my surprise, it moved.

Doe a deer.




I was so excited I called my friend Bobbie to tell her.

Everyone I met along the path was talking about doe and fawn. You see, deer are not a common sight in the park.

Now I am not bored and looking forward to going the next day, in hopes of seeing the doe and fawn again. I didn't, but I did see this one.

Talking to some people I have found out that there is also a 12-point buck there. Somewhere, but I don't know where. I am hoping to catch a glimpse of him, but I think my chances are slim to none.

Please visit camera critters to see other cute and cuddly and cute but not so cuddly critters. If you have a photo that you would like to share, please join us. Have a Happy Labor Day weekend everyone.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sky Watch

Hello Everyone. I have decided that because it has been an unseasonably cool August here in New Jersey, I would post a picture I took last fall. I loved the clouds that just seem to go on forever and the reds and yellows of the trees. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. This is one reason why.

To see other great photos from all over the world, or if you have photo that you would like to share, please visit Sky Watch. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weigh in Day, 100th post and Awards

Well I wish I had good news for weigh in day, but I don't. Well I guess you could say that it is good news, but not for me. I lost zero pounds. Still at 22 pounds lost.

You know how in the beginning you lose weight pretty fast and then it stops. I think I have reached that point. Now I think (fear) I am really going to have to work at losing. I guess I am going to have to add more than just walking to my routine. I walk at least four days a week if not more and walk over two miles. I don't know about everyone, but I have a hard time motivating myself to but an exercise tape in the VCR, (yes I am still in the dark ages). I refuse to join a gym and pay their prices, (yes I'm cheap). Even if I did join a gym, I would lose interest and stop going anyway, (been there done that). Well I must think about what I want to do. Any suggestions?


Well I have finally hit the 100 mark. My first post was in November 2007. I am still trying to find my niche here, but I guess I blog like I live everyday life. Scattered all over the place and reserved.

I thought it fitting to save my awards for my 100th post. Bobbie gave me two awards last week. "Just plain fun to read" and "You make me smile". I appreciate this very much. Bobbie was the reason I started to blog in the first place. She would always tell me what Kitty wrote about and that I should start my own blog. I am not comparing myself to Kitty. She writes beautifully (please visit her). I thought about this for a while. Very seldom do I ever just do something. I must think about it for a while. Once I've decided I either forget about it or jump in.

So anyway, these awards came with no strings attached. No need to pass them on, which is good because I always feel bad about choosing blogs to award. Everyone I read is "Just plain fun to read" and "Makes me smile". I love the fact that I have met people from all over the world. It is interesting to me to see where people live through their pictures and words. I have enjoy how friendly and open everyone is. How some pour their hearts out and how other's are there with hugs, kind words, words of encouragement and just plain caring. So with all that said, I welcome every one to take these awards and display them proudly on your blogs. You all deserve them.

Just a funny little story. Yesterday I was washing the inside of my car windows. There were three little kids out playing. When they walked by, I smile. I heard the little boy then say, "She's not mean. She's nice. She just smiled at me." Trying not to laugh and not make it obvious that I heard them, I continued to clean the windows. He continued to talk about me smiling at him. As I was walking to the back of the car I decided to have a little fun. I said to him with another smile, "Hi! How are you today?" With a big smile from him he said, "I'm okay." To the two little girls, "See I told you she was nice." What could you say to that.

On a political note, (which I do hate to talk about), one morning last week I was listening to the radio. There must have been a debate between McCain and Obama. Someone had asked McCain how many properties (houses) he owns. McCain's answer. "I'll have my advisor look into this and let you know." What's this about? Don't you know how many properties you own? You don't know how many properties you own and you want to run this country? It is small things like this that make my mind up. Now I am not saying that I am voting for Obama or McCain. I have honestly not made up my mind yet.

Well I have rambled enough and I must go. So to every blogger who visits, please accept the awards. You all deserve them.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camera Critters

Week three of my furry little babies. And I saved the big boy for last.

Can you guess from the picture below what this one's name is?

If you guessed Ralph Mouth, you would be correct.

This is the brother of Little Yipper from last week. This one has a total different personality from Yipper. He is more laid back. Actually he is a sissy. I tell my friend's that he is gay and the only manly thing about him is his stomach. He doesn't like to be rubbed or played with roughly. He has a high pitched meow. He is a little wimp.

How he can get his heavy body up a tree always amazes me. When him and Yip are playing he is like the wind. He is graceful and daring.

He, unlike Yip, likes to come inside. Here he is chilling out on a hot humid day.

He has huge paws, legs and tail. And just look at that belly. It's huge. But also look at his markings. He has stripes, spots and tortoise shell markings. I have never seen a cat with such markings.

When Ralphy isn't talking, which trust me is not that often, he is purring. He has such a loud motor, you can hear him when he is in the other room.

Unlike Yipper, he has many nicknames: Mr. Handsome, handsome boy, pretty boy, big boy, mouth, fat boy. The list just keeps going.

I took these pictures last week while Ralph and Yipper were eating. I wanted to give you an idea of how big he is.

(Yipper on the left. Ralphy on the right.)

Yipper tips the scales at around 10 pounds. Ralphy at around 17-20 pounds. He takes after his father with his size and that's it. Both mom and dad were feral. The dad black and white and the mom orange tiger striped. I meant to mention in Yipper's that the only coloring she got from her dad is one black whisker. Ralphy doesn't have any black on him at all.

One funny story. I was out back reading and Ralph took off running. I got up to see what is was up to. By the time I got to the back of the deck to see, he was running the other way with a catbird hot on his tail. He ran under a bush, turned around and was peeking out from the bush. The catbird was pissed and trying to get to him. He out waited the catbird, who finally gave up. Ralphy came out from under the bush with a smug look.

Well there you have it, my three furry feline babies. My Baby and Little Yip . To see other furry babies and some critter's that are not so furry, visit Misty at Camera Critters. If you have a critter picture that you would like to share, please join us. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sky Watch

My Sky Watch for this week is a series of sunset pictures taken last summer along Bay Drive in North Cape May, New Jersey. New Jersey does offer beautiful sunset with colors that sometimes just simply has you in awe.

If you would like to see other beautiful sky pictures from all over the world, please visit Sky Watch. Or if you have a picture that you would like to share, add your URL to Mr. Linky. Have a good weekend.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weigh in Day

Yes, it is that time again. Well this week didn't go like I had hoped, but better then I expected. Monday my friends and I did go out to dinner and yes, even though I didn't hit my reward goal mark (25 pounds), I had Chocolate Lovin Spoon Cake for dessert. Then Tuesday night, another friend and I went out to dinner, but I was good and didn't have dessert.

(Sometimes it's all about the presentation)

Not only did I have this delectable cake, my ceramic teachers birthday was yesterday. So my friend Chrissy made one of her famous chocolate cakes for class Wednesday night. We were saying that we could forgo the cake and just eat the icing. Ooh-la-laa

So to get down to business at hand, I gained a pound. Like I said not what I had hoped for, but better then expected. Out to dinner twice and having more to eat then I have in a while and two big pieces of chocolate cake.

So total weight loss 22 pounds. I am still proud of myself.

Was the past week worth it?

Hell Yeah!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Camera Critters

Second week of my furry little babies.

This geeky little one is a young Tiger aka Yipper. I gave her the name Tiger because she fights like a tiger, but once she started meowing or should I say yipping, I changed her name to Little Yipper. When she was a little kitten she had huge ears. She has since grown into them.

She loves to climbs trees. She will take off running and next thing, she is in the middle of a tree.

(Can you see the Little Yipper?)

A couple of years ago, I went into the shed to get the lawnmower out. I was about to walk in when a snake poked it's head out from under the mower. I am terrified of snakes. After doing my ooh-ooh snake dance, I yelled and ran for the phone. Fast forward to last May. I opened the shed door and seen an orange streak. Thinking snake, I prompting did my dance and yelled. Coming to my senses I realized that snakes aren't orange. I carefully went in and seen two little kittens. Well I started talking the "OOH aren't you the cutest little thing." I reached down to pick Yipper up. She scratched and bloodied my finger. The little bitch, but I don't think she ever since a person before. I left them alone and started mowing, thinking what I should do. Do I call animal control or what? I decided that they could stay as long as they kept the snakes out of the shed. I would tame them and find good homes. Do you know how hard it is to find kittens a home? Around here, very hard. Everyone loves kittens, but they say, "They become cats." So what's their point. We were babies and grew into adults. I tried to find them homes, but also grew very attached to them. So this is the story with Yipper and Ralph (next week's Critter). I guess you could say they found themselves a good home.

One of the funniest thing is to watch her walk. She puffed her shoulder's out and looks like a line backer or a muscle woman.

(Isn't she pretty?)

She isn't geeky looking anymore. She grew into those ears, but don't let this pretty face fool you. She still has a mean streak in her, but she is a sweet little girl.

To see other cute critters, big and small, furry and not, please visit our host Misty. Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sky Watch

Well, it is that time of the week again. SKY WATCH TIME. This is a great day of the week where you can visit other's all over the world and see beautiful pictures of skies.

My contribution for this week are pictures from the North Cape May Canal. The first is a dredge by the Cape May Lewes Ferry. The second taken a couple of day's later of the same view. I like the second better.

Well that's it. Please visit here. I promise you wouldn't be disappointment.

Have a good weekend.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weigh in Day, more swallows & Sand Art

Well that day is here again. The dreaded weigh in day. I was really dreading weigh in today because I haven't been walking as much as I would have like this past week. And I have my period and craving chocolate something fierce. The chocolate craving won out last night. I had one of those Betty Crocker Warm Delights Fudgy Chocolate Chip Cookie things, very good. I recommend it. Generally on weigh in day, I hop on the scale shortly after getting out of bed, but I put it off a little longer today because I thought I had gained. Well to my surprise I lost another two pounds. So the grand total is 23 pounds. I had said that when I lose 25 pounds, I was going to treat myself to a slice of Chocolate Lovin' Spoon Cake. Well tomorrow night, I am going out to dinner with a couple friends. The restaurant we are going serves this decadent-delicious-rich chocolate cake. I believe I am going to treat myself even though I haven't lost 25 pounds. To me, it is close enough. After all it is only two more pounds, right?

I must toot my own horn again, I have lost 23 pounds. :)


When I was out for a smoke this past week at work, the swallows were agitated and swooping me. I really didn't pay that much attention, just found it amusing. Well on Friday, they were even more agitated. I had my back to the fourth nest and thought I heard the sound of babies. When I turned to look, one of the parents was flying away from the nest, but didn't see any babies. When I went out again, I looked and sure enough we have babies again. This is the first year that all four nests had babies. I know there are at least three babies in this nest. This is exciting. So far this year with the other three nests, we have had eight babies, so now we will have either 11 or 12.


On Friday, I left work early and went to Cape May. There was a sand sculpting contest earlier in the morning. Here is some of the sand art that people created.

Well I am going to leave you with another "A Moment for You" from Woman's World magazine.
"You touch more lives than you think.
If you've ever doubted whether you have an impact on the world around you, doubt no more. Because every act of kindness, every word of encouragement, every smile counts! You don't need a million dollars to make difference. You just need heart. And you've got that!" Author unknown.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Camera Critters

I have decided to dedicate the next three weeks to my furry little feline babies. This week is my number one baby. I have had her for 12 years and she came to me when she was about four or five, so she is no spring chicken. Although sometimes she act like it. When I got her, her name was Smokey. After we got used to one another I promptly changed her name to Lovey. She is a little love. She loves to cuddle, love and be loved. She is a talker. Sometimes to much. Her favorite foods are turkey, chicken and cheese. When I have a turkey in the oven, and you can start to smell that mouth watering smell, she parks herself in front of the oven and just stares at me as much to say, "Well how come you are not feeding me. I smell it, it smells soooo good, I want some now."

She is still as beautiful today as in these pictures, a little thinner, but same bright eyes and always talking. She is having health problems now, especially with her stomach, but we get through each episode as they come. She is a little unsteady on her feet, but we deal with that too. I know time is running out for us, but as long as she fights the fight, I will fight with her and along side her. Because after all, she is my little love. My baby. And most of all, because I love her.

Please visit Camera Critters to see other furry babies or just some cute critters in general.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sky Watch

Hello all and welcome to my pick for this week's Sky Watch. I have chosen another photo I took this past February. This is an area that is called Sunset Beach.

Please visit Sky Watch to view other sky pictures from all over the world.

Post Office screw up

I had taken the day off from work Monday. When my mail came, there was a magazine and an article of mail not addressed to me. Let me change that, the name was not me, but there was a yellow sticker with my address. The yellow sticker said "Notify sender of new address." I promptly took this to the post office and asked for their help. I told the girl that I had just received this and asked if she could check to see if someone is having their mail forwarded to my address. She asked if anyone lived at this address by this name? I said No. I live alone. She said she would have a couple of the others girls look it up on the computer, but she doubted very much if it was anything. I asked her how I would find out the outcome? She said I wouldn't. Me - "You mean you won't tell me the outcome?" Her -"That's right." Me - "So in other words. Someone could have their mail forwarded to my address and YOU can't tell me?" Her - "Yes." Me - "Well let me tell you how fucked up that is." Her - "Well if someone had a forward, don't you think you would have gotten mail before this?" Me - "I don't know. You tell me. After all the first piece of mail I received is from the IRS." Her - "We'll look into it, but I don't think there is a problem." Me - "Yeah. Right. Thanks a lot for you help. NOT."

Now to yesterday. The mail was delivered while I was at lunch. When I was leaving to go back to work I got it out of the box. This time there was an envelope from the United States Postal Service. "Official change of Address confirmation. Your welcome kit." Now my blood pressure is through the roof. I go back to work and call the post office. It was the same girl I spoke to on Monday. Me - "Guess what I got in the mail today? Let me tell you. A change of address confirmation kit. So obviously someone has a forward to my address." Her - "We looked into it and there was a problem. A number was left out. If you are in the area, you can drop that off to us." Me, (to myself Fuck that.) Her - "The problem has been resolved but it will take seven to ten days before it is totally corrected." Me - "You mean to tell me it will take seven to ten days to correct." Her - "yes." Me - "Let me ask you this?" Her - "Can you hold, I have customers." Well what the fuck am I. When she finally got back to me I asked "When someone does a change of address, do you require ID?" Her - "No". Me - "So if I knew your full name and address, I could go to the post office and fill out the forms and have all your mail forwarded to me. Once I start receiving your mail, I could basically steal your identity?" Her - "That would be highly unlikely that could happen." Me - "Why?" Her- "Because we bascially know everyone?" Me - "Not in my case now, huh? I have lived on Iowa Avenue for 41 years." Her - silence. Then she said "Most people don't even know what a forward is." Me - "Don't insult my intelligence and the intelligence of others. I don't know too many people that don't know what a forward is." Her - "You would be surprised how many people move and don't leave a forward." Me - "Yes the scumbags of the world that owe money and don't want anyone to find them." I think she tired of me as much as I tired of her. She then told me that the problem would be corrected. I asked that now they know there is a problem, are they going to make sure this person receives their mail? She said that this person is. I asked if they got the letter I brought to them on Monday? She asked what letter. I said, "You know the letter. The one from the IRS." To which she promptly responded that she did. Quite honestly, I don't think this person did receive that letter, but I hope they do.

When I got home, I called the post office in which the forward had been generated. I have bored you with the details of my post office so I won't go into all the details of this conversation, but it didn't go any better. They hide behind "We can't give out that information because of the Patriot Act." After this guy pissing me off by saying I was being sarcastic, and that he couldn't give me the information I was asking for, I asked him what information I was asking for. He couldn't answer. You know why, I wasn't asking for information. I said to him "I went to the Post Office for help. I had received a letter from the IRS that didn't belong to me. I live alone and wanted to make sure that someone wasn't using my address for their personal use. I wanted to make sure that someone wasn't coming to MY mailbox going through MY mail to retrieve their mail. I was told that they would look into it, but couldn't tell me if there was a problem. This is fucking wrong. All they would had to of done is say, "Lisa, we will look into this. We will contact you if there is a forward to your address and we will take care of the problem." That's it. No more. He said, "Well they should have done that." Well guess what they didn't.

Oh well I just needed to rant about this. I just think that it is horrible that when you ask for help, you don't get it. What kind of society are we becoming that people have to hide behind this act and that act or refuse to help other people. What happened to the society where people took responsibility for what they did and admit when they were wrong? Or help a person that is asking for help?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weigh in day

The day is here again to pull the scale out of the closet and hop on. One of three things can happen on this day. One - you look down and when the needle finally stops you say "This damn scale is broken. I couldn't have gain that much." And you resist the urge to jump off and kick the thing because you know this could cause pain and you wouldn't be able to go for your walks. Two - the needle is in the same place as last week. You say, "This damn scale is broken. I know I had to lose something this past week. I even resisted the urge to have that candy bar even though I am craving chocolate." But then you start to think straight and tell yourself, "even though you didn't lose anything, you didn't gain." Three - the needle stops at a lower number then last week. You say, "I love this scale. It is working fine. Hippy. I lost more weight."

Did I ever mention that my lucky number is three. Yes folks, the needle went down. And it went down by three. Yes three more pounds lost for a now grand total of twenty-one, yes I said 21 pounds. HIPPY.

I am not one to try these fancy-dancy diets out there. I don't like most of the food they say to eat. Eat fish, fruits and vegetables. Don't eat beef, potatoes, pasta and so on. Well I say "Bah-humbug to that." I eat the same things I always eat just not as much of it. I have noticed though that I haven't eaten much starch this summer. It is just too hot to even think about making those mashed potatoes. So my diet has been chicken, which I love. Beef, veggies and salad. With the exception of last night, I have limited my pasta intake. I don't snack at night and if I am hungry, I will have a glass of milk.

So there you have it. Weigh in day has been a good one. Did I mention that I have lost 21 pounds. I have four pounds to go to cheat and treat myself to a slice of Chocolate Lovin' Spoon Cake. I think I will skip weigh in day that week.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Camera Critters

Hi and welcome to my pick for this week's Camera Critters. This is a picture of my first cat Tigger. Behind him is a stuffed tiger. I love this photo because it looks like they are looking at the same thing.

My dad used to run a gas station. A guy came in and asked my dad if he knew of someone who wanted a kitten. My dad said that the neighbor, Mr. Hand would probably want a kitten, so my dad took him and waited for Mr. Hand to come home. When he did my dad took the kitten over and asked him if he wanted him. Mr. Hand promptly replied, "I don't want anymore damn cats." My dad called my mom and said, "Do you think Lisa would want a kitten?" Mom's answer was "NO" and hung up. When I got home from school, my dad was sitting in his chair with a shitty grin on his face. My mom in her chair with a pissed off look on hers. When I put my books down, Tigger moved and it was love at first sight. Needless to say, Tigger found a home. He lived with us for many years before he had a series of strokes that took his life.

If you would like to see other cute little or big critters, please visit Camera Critters

My Brother Danny - September 22, 1960 - August 2, 2001

Danny was given a raw deal in life. His health was shitty. Obviously, he did if he died at the age of 40. He was 6 1/2 years old than me. From pictures I have seen of him growing up, it didn't look like he was a happy person. Very rarely I would come across a picture that he was smiling. I don't know if it is because even at a young age, his health was bad or if he was just plain miserable. I can't say that we were close and for the life of me I don't know why. He was an awkward person. I'll say socially deficient. He had a hard time relating to people. He was never into sports in school. As a matter of fact, he hated school. He passed all his classes and would progress through the years until his junior or senior year. This was the year he got his driver's license. He would go through the motions of going to school. Getting up early, having breakfast and heading out the door with school books in hand. Never mind that it was always the same books. And coming home when school let out. Finally the school called my mom and dad and said that he missed a lot of days. The fight broke out. It ended up mom and dad told him if he wasn't going to go to school and graduate, he may as well quit. Turning to me saying, "But I am going to see one of my kids graduate." The pressure. I was the only one left to graduate.

After he quit school he went to work for my dad at the station. He didn't want to get involved in mechanic work, so he pumped gas. He also became a volunteer fireman. When the whistle blow, he ran to his car. This was a sight to see because it was the only time we ever seen him move fast.

One Christmas morning he woke up not feeling well. He opened his presents, but was soon back in bed. Mom took his temperature and it was 104. She did all she could to bring the fever down, but this went on for days. Then one morning he said he butt hurt and my mom looked and there was a boil. Our family doctor was on vacation for the holiday's so they took him to a different doctor. He drained and packed the boil in the office and gave him medicine. He also wanted him to come to the office everyday for a shot. This went on for about a month before dad said, "that's it. Your going to my doctor." He took one look at him and put him in the hospital. After running tests, Danny was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. They managed to get it under control through steroid's and other medications. He was finally discharged with a new doctor, new diet and medicines. Danny being Danny didn't follow what the doctor's told him and soon started losing weight fast. We knew he was having a flare up and soon ended back in the hospital again. This cycle went on for many years. The time soon came that the Crohn's just ate away his insides and it was time for a colostomy. After surgery he did good for many years and then it started again. He never told us what was going on and once when he was in the hospital mom found out that one kidney had already stopped functioning and the other was failing. They ended up having to put a tube in that one. They wanted to do a liver biopsy, but Danny refused. They sent him to Presbyterian hospital in Philadelphia. They diagnosed him with colon cancer. After he came home he started with chemo. So not only did he have to wear bags for all bathroom purposes, had cancer and then I found out he had congestive heart failure.

Danny had a love for animals. I think he felt the same as me when it comes to animals. Their love and understanding is unconditional. They don't judge. They love you know matter your personality. They love you for who you are. He would lay on the floor for hours playing ball with Tigger. Whenever he was sitting in his chair there was sure to be one of the furries there with him.

(Danny with Fluff on the chair and Tigger on the floor.)

We adopted a black lab, Shelby. She was found tied to a tree just skin and bone and we can only assume that she was abused by men. It took some time for Shelby to warm up to Danny. This hurt Danny's feelings that she was afraid of him. Once she did warm up to him, they were inseparable. He took her for rides and walks. Over time she developed diabetes and if her sugar got to high, she couldn't walk. Mom would call the vet for an appointment and it was my job to carry her to the car. I remember one time Shelby was laying on the couch and Danny was going to take her to the vet. I opened all the doors and turned to Danny and said, "I need you to keep out of my way. She is over sixty pounds, I have to get her to the car fast before I drop her and you walk to slow." To which of course he got pissed off. So his idea of helping was holding her front paws, walking backwards as fast as he could. Which wasn't very fast. What could I do? I couldn't yell at him to get the fuck out of the way. I seen the look on his face and he needed to help. The vet got her sugar level under control and back to the same routine for Danny and Shelby.

(Danny and Shelby, aka Pups & puppy nerd)

Danny loved watching baseball. His team the Mets and always bragging. My team the Yankees (no need to brag). I had watched some of the Mets games and gave Danny a bone. I said, "I think the Mets are going to do very well this year." I think that he was shocked that I said this. This was the year of the subway series. Living next door, whenever the Mets would have a good play or scored, you could hear him yelling and clapping. When the Yankees did the same I would go to the window and to some hooting and hollering myself. Of course the Yankees won that series. I was glad that the Mets made it to the World Series and I am glad that they played the Yankees for this was the last time for Danny.

He loved snow. He was like a little kid whenever the weather person gave a hint of snow. My mom loved snowman, so when I was at a craft show, there was a snowman yard sign that said "Think Snow". Really two gifts in one. Snowman for mom. "Think Snow" for Danny. The sign was put out front. Well that winter it seemed to snow every weekend. I tired of this quickly and put the sign in the shed. Well the game began. Danny would bring the sign out. It would snow and I would put the sign back in the shed.

(Danny shoveling the white shit with Pups giving him support)
The year was 2001 and I was able to secure a loan and do the addition to my house that I wanted to do. My contractor's started in June. Danny would go over everyday to see the progress and chat with them in his own way. He was actually happy that I was doing this. I was happy that I was doing this because I was thinking about having holiday dinners and just having mom and Danny over for dinner. Things started to go down hill fast for him. His back started hurting him really bad. He basically stopped eating and drinking. Every time we suggested he go to the hospital, he yelled at us. He said he had pain medicine and asked for it. I asked which one and he said it was the small pink pill. Not sure if this was really for pain, I called the pharmacy and told them the name and asked what it was. They told me it was blood pressure medicine. When I told Danny this he looked at me strange. I finally said fuck it, your sick, you need to go to the hospital. I'm calling the rescue squad. He died three days later.
He never got to see my house finished. I think that he would have liked what I accomplished with it. This may sound strange, but after I moved in, I would be sitting watching TV or outside on the deck and all of a sudden shiver and sense that someone was there. The first couple of times this happened, I would get up and look around to see if anyone was around. No one was. Then when it happened again, I would say, "Okay Danny. Did I do good with the house?" I never got an answer of course. This went on for about a month. Then it stopped. It hasn't happened again.
So this is it. I have now done a tribute of sorts to my entire family. Dad, Mom & brother. Unfortunately, I never had any other brothers or sisters.